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Apex Foundation Specialists stands as the area's most reputable and dependable Foundation Repair Contractor. Established on a foundation of exceptional customer service and unmatched quality, Apex Foundation Specialists has the foundation repair solutions you can trust. With unparalleled proficiency, streamlined procedures, and an esteemed standing, we’ve emerged as your local experts in the foundation repair industry.

Our team comprises seasoned, licensed experts who deliver top-tier expertise, regardless of the project. When you choose Apex Foundation Specialists, anticipate timely project completion paired with outstanding customer support every step of the way. Rely on us to rectify your foundation—satisfaction guaranteed!

Foundation Problem Symptoms To Look For

Encountering issues with your home's foundation can prove to be a challenging and potentially costly endeavor, particularly if left unattended or undetected. It is of utmost importance for homeowners to maintain a proactive stance when it comes to monitoring their foundation. Keeping an eye out for indicators such as cracks, shifts, settling, or any other red flags pointing to structural damage is essential.

Floor Cracks

Cracks in your flooring, particularly in concrete or tile, may indicate foundation issues. These cracks can result from shifting or settling in the foundation, and they often worsen over time.

Wall Cracks

These cracks can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, and they typically indicate stress or movement within the structure.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors may manifest as sloping, sagging, or tilting in certain areas of your home. They can be a clear indicator of foundation settlement problems, which can affect the overall stability of your property.

Sticking Windows/Doors

Windows and doors that are difficult to open or close, or that no longer fit properly in their frames, can signal foundation movement. This is often due to the foundation shifting and causing structural misalignment.

Sinking Settlement

Sinking settlement refers to the gradual sinking of a portion of your home’s foundation. This can lead to a noticeable change in elevation and can cause various structural issues, including cracks and uneven floors.

Bowing Walls

Bowing walls occur when your foundation walls start to curve or bulge inward. This is often a result of lateral pressure from soil or water and can jeopardize the integrity of your foundation and the safety of your property.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation cracks can develop for various reasons, including house settling and the natural wear and tear that occurs over time. In our local region, the presence of clay-rich soil is especially common, making foundation issues a more prevalent concern.

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Foundation Repair Financing to 
Fit Your Project and Budget

At Apex Foundation Specialists, we understand that foundation repair and waterproofing projects can be a significant investment. That's why we offer flexible financing options tailored to your unique project and budget, ensuring that you can address your foundation needs without financial stress.

Apex Foundation Specialists’ Structural Repair Solutions

Homeowners should always take a proactive approach to home maintenance, particularly when it comes to their foundation. At Apex Foundation Specialists, we excel in providing top-notch foundation repair services, including Helical Piers, Push Piers, Helical Anchors, Wall Braces, Floor Supports, Carbon Fiber Straps, and Slab Piers. Our experienced structural technicians are adept at identifying potential issues like soil erosion or improper water management that can result in significant and costly repercussions if left unaddressed. With Apex Foundation Specialists by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home's foundation is safeguarded from settlement and other potential problems.

Helical Piers

These are cylindrical steel posts installed beneath your foundation to provide stability and support. They are an ideal solution for foundation settlement issues.

Push Piers

Push piers are used to lift and stabilize sinking or settling foundations. They’re strong steel rods driven into the ground to reach stable soil or bedrock.

Helical Anchors

Helical anchors are twisted into the ground to secure foundations, especially in areas with expansive or loose soils. They prevent further movement or settling.

Wall Braces

Wall braces are support structures used to reinforce foundation walls, preventing inward movement or bowing, and ensuring structural integrity.

Floor Supports

Floor supports are steel or concrete columns that help bear the weight of your home, preventing sagging floors or unevenness.

Carbon Fiber Straps

Carbon fiber straps are used to strengthen foundation walls and prevent cracking or bowing. They’re lightweight yet incredibly strong.

Slab Piers

Slab piers are used to stabilize and level concrete slabs, such as those in your basement or garage. They prevent sinking or tilting.

Foundation Repair Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Signs of Foundation Problems?

Common signs of foundation issues include cracks in walls, uneven floors, doors or windows that don't close properly, and gaps around windows or exterior doors. If you notice any of these problems, it's crucial to have your foundation inspected promptly.

When is a Foundation Crack an Issue?

If you wish to protect your home’s structural integrity, the best route is never to delay foundation repairs. Our advice is to look into foundation repairs as a complete inspection of your home. However, there are several dependable indicators that a crack is reaching a severe stage. For instance, Is moisture or water leaking through the crack? Are the cracks larger than a small, hairline crack? Has the crack grown since originally noticing it? These are all signs your home could be developing significant structural problems that one of our foundation specialists should check.

How Much does Foundation Work Cost?

Just like any of your home’s repairs, your foundation repair costs depend on severity and how large of an area is affected. No matter the cost, it helps to think of the repairs as an insurance policy for your home’s longevity. You can rest assured Apex will offer the most cost efficient repairs for the issues your home is experiencing.

Foundation Problems? We Have Solutions

Left untreated, a damaged foundation can lead to much bigger problems that will inevitably cost you. Instead of waiting to see what happens, call Apex Foundation Specialists today.