Foundation Storm Defense: Is Your Property Ready for Hurricane Season?

Jun 10, 2024

  • Can a Hurricane Cause Foundation Issues?

Yes! Yes! And yes, again! Especially with the magnitude of storms that Florida and Alabama face each Hurricane season. The strong winds and heavy rainfall associated with hurricanes can lead to soil erosion around your home or building's foundation, which can, in turn, cause the foundation to shift or crack. Additionally, excessive moisture from heavy rainfall can further weaken the foundation. If, for some reason, you haven't had an inspection BEFORE the storm hits, calling out a professional to inspect the foundation after a hurricane is not just essential; it's a matter of your property's structural integrity and safety. Investing in Foundation Storm Defense is crucial for protecting your property from the potential damage caused by hurricanes.

  • What is Common Structural Damage After a Hurricane?

Flooding during a hurricane can lead to water damage in crawl spaces, a severe building issue. These areas' damp conditions can create ideal mold and mildew breeding grounds. Addressing crawl space water damage by airing out the area, cleaning walls and floors, and scheduling professional inspections to assess your home's or commercial space's structural integrity is essential. Inspections are Always Free at Apex Foundation Specialists. 

  • Fix. Your. Crawl Space.

When a hurricane hits, a properly waterproofed and encapsulated crawl space will minimize the risk of water damage, mold growth, and structural instability. It will provide a strong barrier of protection, ensuring the safety of the building's occupants and protecting the property's long-term value. Rest assured, these solutions are designed to give you confidence in your property's resilience against hurricanes. Property owners can mitigate risks by investing in crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation, which involves applying a protective layer to the walls and floor of the crawl space and sealing the crawl space with a special barrier to create a protective barrier against moisture and humidity.

  • Seeking Refuge In Your Basement.

When your phone blares the Tornado Alert, take action immediately! A sturdy, waterproofed basement is the safest place for you and your loved ones during a tornado. Ensure your basement is properly waterproofed and structurally sound to withstand a hurricane or tornado and its effects. Without a sturdy, waterproofed basement, you and your loved ones could be at risk of injury or even death during a tornado. Water can enter the basement, causing damage to your belongings and potentially weakening the structure of the building, increasing the risk of collapse. Contact Apex Foundation Specialists for expert recommendations to hurricane-proof your basement.

    Here Are Some Baseline Prep-Work Solutions:

    • Install a sump pump: A sump pump can help keep water out of your basement by collecting and pumping it away from your home.
    • Seal cracks and gaps: Inspect your basement for any cracks or gaps in the walls or foundation and seal them to prevent water from seeping in during a storm.
    • It's important to ensure that the ground around your property slopes away from the foundation to direct water away from your home. Properly functioning gutters and downspouts are crucial for directing water away from the foundation. If they are not in place or working properly, water can collect around the building, increasing the risk of water damage.
    • Reinforce the foundation: Consider reinforcing your foundation with steel or concrete to improve its resistance to high winds and water pressure.
    • Install window well covers: If your basement has windows, installing durable covers can help prevent water from entering through these openings.
    • Consider professional waterproofing: Consulting with Apex Foundation Specialists can provide several benefits. We can assess your specific needs and provide tailored solutions for your property, ensuring your basement is properly sealed and protected from water damage.

      By taking the measures we've listed above, property owners can create a solid foundation storm defense, better preparing their basements, crawl spaces, and structural foundations to withstand the challenges posed by hurricanes and minimize potential damage. However, we strongly encourage that you don't go at it alone. Call Apex Foundation Specialists Today and get a FREE Inspection BEFORE the Storm Hits. Once the storm hits, often, it's too late to prevent catastrophic damage, so it's important to act now. The sooner you take these preventive measures, the better prepared your property will be and the more confident you can feel about its safety.

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