PERMANENT Crawl Space Waterproofing

Flooded Crawl Space
  • Custom Crawl Space Water Protection

Apex Foundation Specialists provides a crawl space waterproofing and drainage system to prevent water from entering and settling. Our system comes with a lifetime fully transferable warranty.

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Apex Foundation Specialists are your trusted partners if you're in North Florida or Alabama and need local crawl space waterproofing. We understand your region's unique challenges and provide comprehensive solutions to address your crawl space waterproofing needs.

Excavation and Trenching for Drainage Installation

We will hand dig a trench around the entire perimeter of your crawlspace to install drainage, providing a permanent solution without the need to remove landscaping, porches, and sidewalks.

Installing the Apex Crawl Space Drainage System

The Apex Crawl Space Drainage System installs inside the trench to capture water entering the crawlspace and directs it to a sealed sump pump location, preventing flooding of your crawlspace.

Installation of the Apex Crawl Space Drainage System

  • The Apex Crawl Space Drainage System employs Geo-Synthetic aggregate with engineered flow channels encased in a geo-textile mesh.

  • This design prevents dirt and sediment from entering while enabling water to flow through the system much faster than traditional methods like pipe and gravel.

  • Our specialists use the sump pump at the heart of the Apex Drainage System.

  • Remember this: This system guarantees that it will NEVER clog, NEVER fail, and is warranted for the life of your property.

      Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

      Apex Combo Pump System: Dual-Pump Operation for Maximum Reliability

      The Apex Combo Pump system features two independent pumps in one patented basin. Each pump operates on its own float switch. The primary pump is designed to move the water under normal conditions. However, during a significantly heavy rain event, the rising water level will activate the second pump if the first pump is unable to keep up. In the event of a power outage, the second pump, which is powered by a battery backup system, will continue to evacuate water.

      French Drain Drain Solutions
      Foundation Sump Pump

      Selecting the Combo Sump Pump System

      • This top-of-the-line Combo system includes a pre-plumbed pairing of the PitBoss 3/4 HP stainless-steel sump pump.

      • With the addition of a WiFi connected battery backup pump is exclusively available through Apex Foundation Specialists and cannot be purchased in stores.
      Sump Pump Wifi Capability
      Sump Pump Wifi Monitoring System

      Foundation Problems? We Have Solutions

      Don't wait to see what happens, call Apex Foundation Specialists today to prevent much bigger problems and inevitable costs resulting from untreated damaged foundations.